Xiaomi Shunzao Z11Max Smart Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Shunzao Z11Max Smart Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner


Xiaomi Shunzao Z11Max Smart Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

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Heard about Xiaomi Shunzao Z11Max Smart Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner and want to know more? Here is a post about the features and specifications of this product, as well as its pros and cons.

The hard floor cleaner automatically adjusts its height to clean different surfaces. It can also climb up 16.5″ high stairs. Besides, it has a rechargeable battery with a 2200mAh capacity that can last for 2 hours when fully charged. This intelligent vacuum cleaner automatically moves in straight lines or curves on all types of hard floors or carpets, providing a thorough cleaning experience at all times. It is also equipped with an automatic charging dock that can let you know when the battery needs recharging.

Affordable and efficient, Xiaomi Shunzao Z11Max Smart Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner can meet consumers’ daily household vacuuming needs. It is also a great gift idea for family and friends.


Pros and Cons:

  • It has a long range that can reach up to 12 meters.
  • The sensor system makes it easy to clean different surfaces.
  • You can use the brush and vacuum together at the same time.
  • The turbine power sucks dirt off the floor quickly and efficiently. It also offers outstanding cleaning efficiency.

Cons: It is not as powerful as other machines in this price range. If you’re looking for more power, you’d better get Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner or Xiaomi Mi Smart Vacuum Cleaner.

Why Should You Use Xiaomi Shunzao Z11Max Smart Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner?

The powerful suction makes it suitable for large rooms and small areas. This is a good choice for small houses and apartments.

It comes with a smart sensor that recognizes the surface you’re cleaning. It automatically adjusts to clean different surfaces such as wood or hardwood, or carpets and rugs. Different floor types require different cleaning modes; therefore, this machine is capable of choosing the best mode for your floor type.

The motorized head has a special design, so it can clean different types of floors quickly and efficiently.

Why do we recommend this product?

It’s easy to use. It doesn’t need a user manual. The machine will clean itself. It cleans better than similar products from other brands, such as Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Vacuum Cleaner. This is because of its built-in features and intelligent sensor system that detects the surface you’re cleaning.

buying guide:

1, Need to consider the type of floors: in addition to hardwood, it is also effective on hard tiles and thick carpets.

2, Large capacity battery: The device can work up to 2 hours. Can finish the whole house cleaning.

3, Easy to control: it’s very easy to use this machine because of its auto-working system.

Xiaomi Shunzao Z11Max Smart Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best products in its price range. Of course, you should pay attention to the other items on our list before you make a decision.


How do you use Xiaomi Shunzao Z11Max Smart Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner?

Step 1:

Wrap the power cord loosely around the bottom of the machine, and then turn it on. Its built-in battery will automatically charge as it runs. The LED light turns off when it is charging.

Step 2:

Place the machine on a hard floor, press the “clean” button and watch it go to work. The suction power is very good and you can feel that strong suction force under your palm while pressing down at the same time. The brush roll rotates fast and makes a very loud noise but this is due to its powerful motor that sucks up all kinds of dirt like sand, hair, dust, etc.

Step 3:

After the motorized head cleans hardwood or carpets, the brushes stop automatically. It is a very cool feature, as you don’t have to turn off/on the device or move it to stop/start the brush. If you need to clean up some residual dirt that’s left behind after the motorized head has passed, simply switch on and use the manual tool. The brush roll will hold residual dirt and it will be easy to collect in a dustpan after using the tool. The manual vacuum cleaner is also powerful enough to clean some light messes in your house or office.


This is an affordable, powerful, lightweight, and compact handheld vacuum cleaner. It has a long range and is perfect for hardwood floors. I also like the cute and compact design as it looks very sleek on my desk. I trust this product and would highly recommend it to others looking for a new handheld vacuum cleaner.


Q: How to charge it?

A: You just need to place the battery into the charging dock. The charging light will turn on when it’s fully charged.

Q: How many minutes can the machine work?

A: The machine will work for 2 hours if it’s fully charged.

Q: Can it clean different kinds of floors?

A: Yes, you can clean different kinds of floors with this machine. It has advanced technology that can auto-adjust the height of the nozzle. The device will climb up 1-inch-high stairs. You need not put the machine on a hard floor and press the “clean” button to start cleaning. It will automatically know whether you want to clean carpets or hardwood floors and take action accordingly.

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