Sony Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Sony Mobile Price in Bangladesh

If we talk about the most innovative mobile manufacturers in the world, the name of Sony will arise in our mind. The Sony Xperia series was sought-after in the smartphone market all around the world. The thing wasn’t different in Bangladesh. So if you’re looking for the best Sony mobile price in Bangladesh, then you’re in the right place. 

Here we’re going to present an in-depth discussion about this company and the latest Sony mobile price in Bangladesh. 

A Brief History of Sony 

Sony Mobile may have only broken through into the phone market shortly after the turn of the century, but the Japanese manufacturer quickly rose to the top with products that redefined the way we use our smartphones.

An early period of innovation thrust the company into the limelight as it offered a credible alternative to handsets from then-leaders RIM, Nokia, and Motorola. However, like many of the OEMs of that era, the company failed to respond to the threat from the Apple iPhone when it launched in 2007, and it has now become a bit-part player in the ever-competitive mobile industry.

Many of the giants from that era have now sold up and moved to pastures new, but Sony retains the fight with its current range of Xperia handsets. It all begins with a joint venture between Sony Mobile of Japan and Sweden’s Ericsson to create the smartphone that, in 2001, arguably defined the brand from its introduction: the Sony Ericsson T68i.

Running on a proprietary OS, the T68i brought brilliant design. It offered curved edges, a joystick in place of navigation buttons, and a 256 color display that set a benchmark for mobile phones. In an era when phones were boring and dull, the T68i shone through, and at the cost of $650 at launch, it was very expensive. Despite this, many bought one, and I remember the thrill mine gave me that arguably hasn’t been replicated since mobile phones became smart commodities.

Revolution of Sony

In 2010, the company announced its first Android smartphone, the Xperia X10, which had a certain style and design that’s familiar even today. This was followed by handsets like the Xperia X10 mini pro – its first Android QWERTY slider, the Xperia Arc – which combined a stunning camera with impeccable design, the Xperia Ray, and lastly, the Xperia Play – which had a slide-out PlayStation controller and is arguably the founding handset of the now-defunct PlayStation-certified series.

The Xperia S was announced in February 2012 and bought large internal storage (32GB), a 4.3-inch HD display, and a 12MP rear camera that would appear on many devices going forward. This was followed by flagship handsets such as the Xperia Ion and Xperia Acro as well as lower-handsets such as the Xperia P and Xperia U as the Xperia brand encompassed Sony’s entire smartphone portfolio.

The announcement of the Xperia Z in 2013 saw the introduction of Sony’s current flagship smartphone range and the birth of iterative upgrades, a strategy that ultimately failed to capture the market.

Sony Mobile in Bangladesh

Since the worldwide popularity of Chinese phone companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei, or Oppo, Sony started to generate fewer sales and profits from its smartphone department. The specialty of these strong Chinese companies is reliable, offering suitable quality and excellent specs at a much lower price. So the mid-range Sony phones are becoming less attractive.

Then there are other companies such as Samsung and Apple, called the giants of the smartphone market with prime quality, multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, and branding. Sony is facing a hard contest with them in the high-end market. OnePlus, Google Pixel phones have also become big names in the premium scene. But Xperia lovers surely wish Sony Mobile to survive. They know that Sony is a highly capable company that can combine innovation and technological development to give the consumers a much different smartphone experience than the rest.

Sony is partnered with Rangs Group in Bangladesh and is currently making sufficient revenue from their other electronic products such as home appliances, home entertainment, audio devices, cameras, etc. Therefore, you can buy the latest available official Sony smartphones from Sony-Rangs showrooms all around the country.

Why Should You Buy Sony Mobiles?

The Xperia Z, released at the beginning of 2013, was one of the first smartphones to offer water and dustproof body. Through the Xperia Z, Sony made a solid name in the world of flagship phones. Then, in mid-2015, Sony released the mid-budget range Xperia M4 Aqua. It helped them to get a good stand in the mid-budget market.

The best part of Sony mobiles are-

  • Waterproof and dust resistance device
  • Battery life
  • Connected accessories
  • Quality camera resolution
  • Extreme Security

Sony smartphones are also known for their distinctive designs and high-quality display, and we take it as one of the certain reasons for the popularity of Xperia series phones. The flat, light, and simple look of the Sony Xperia give a more individualistic experience. People also value Sony for its top-grade sound and stunning camera quality. In addition, Sony phones usually come with excellent software optimization, further security, and Android updates as well.

Where to Buy Sony Mobile in Bangladesh?

Sony has many authorized showrooms in all important districts of Bangladesh. You can easily buy SOny mobile from their official showrooms. Besides, you can buy Sony mobile online. However, we always recommend t purchase a product from the authorized showroom.

Final Words

From the above discussion, you might have already decided to buy your desired model of Samsung mobiles. Now, get the best Sony mobile price Bangladesh from here and purchase the right one that suits your budget and specifications so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Sony Xperia phones last?

Sony Xperia phones usually last 6–7 years, till you don’t fall in love with another model of Sony Xperia.

Are Sony Xperia phones worth buying?

The Xperia 1 is one of the best Sony phones from 2019. It’s a true premium smartphone that utilizes the best parts of previous phones and charges it up with improved specs in loads of areas. The Xperia 1 has a 21:9 screen, and now there’s content to match.

Updates for Sony Mobiles in Bangladesh

In, we always try to update our database with the latest releases and their prices as soon as possible. So, you can check all the latest Sony mobile price in Bangladesh. You’ll be able to know about official and unofficial prices particularly. Be sure for the updated price, full specifications, reviews,s and Ratings from Oppo mobile phone brand.

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