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If we talk about the most popular brand since the birth of mobile phones in Bangladesh, the name of Nokia will come first. Due to many reasons, Nokia has a special place in the heart of Bangladeshi mobile phone users. This is why we have come up with the latest Nokia mobile price in Bangladesh to grab your favorite Nokia phone at the best price.

The scenario is not different in Bangladesh so far. If you look over history, Nokia is one of the most selling mobile brands from the pre-smartphone era in Bangladesh. With their elegant design, affordable price, outstanding features, and simplistic approach, Nokia has won the trust and reliability of millions of people all over the world. 

A Brief History of Nokia

Nokia one of the most widely recognized and universally liked company which was founded in 1865, Finland. It is a multinational telecommunications company that was once one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones. Once a market leader, Nokia failed miserably as it could not compete with its competitor and technology. The only thing longer than Nokia’s history is the number of phones this Finnish company launched. Everything started with the Nokia Mobira senator, a huge telecommunication unit back in 1982 when I was still in diapers.

When we talk about Nokia, you may think of a phone, but you may also think of something a bit more abstract and deeper than that it may remind you of brighter times. There was a time when people were only known to one and only phones.

The company that eventually became Nokia was established by mining engineer Fredrik Idestam as a paper mill in Finland in 1865. The name Nokia was born due to the location of the second mill, which was set up on the banks of the Nokianvirta river in 1871.

Soon the company diversified into electricity generation, and later, three companies Finnish Rubber Works, Finnish Cable Works, and Nokia, merged. Thus Nokia Corporation was born in 1967.

Diversification and Expansion of Nokia

Nokia Corporation back then focused on paper, electronics, rubber, and cable. It produced toilet papers, rubber footwear, TVs, communication cables, etc. The company even constructed its own power plants. The appointment of CEO Kari Kairamo in 1975 played a significant role in the expansion of the company. The company improved its product line, established a reputation for quality, and adjusted its production capacity. Soon the company expanded in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and then moving gradually into the rest of Europe.

In 1979 Nokia took its first steps into the telephone by creating Mobira Oy in a JV with Finnish TV maker Salora, and they created the Nordic Mobile Telephone service. This was the world’s first international cellular network, and in the 80s, Nokia launched its first car phone called the Mobira Senator. Nokia DX200, the company’s first digital telephone switch, was introduced in 1982.

Early Success of Nokia

In 1992, the company’s first hand-held GSM phone Nokia 1011, was launched, and reportedly had a talk time of 90 minutes and could store 99 contact numbers. In 1994, Nokia launched 2100 with the now-iconic Nokia ringtone. This was such a big hit that it went on to sell more than 20 million handsets worldwide, much higher than what the company had predicted.

The same year, Nokia also launched the 6110 and the 5110 two more devices, which were way ahead of their time and competition. These devices offered a much sleeker way of text messaging a beautiful menu system customization options like multiple colour snap-on covers. These devices were followed by the 7110, which offered basic web functions, the 7650, with a built-in camera, and the 6650, the company’s first 3G enabled smartphone.

Then the modern operating system-based smartphones came into the market, and Nokia started to manufacture Windows phones. They gained a high reputation for introducing extraordinary and very powerful cameras into their phones back then. 41-megapixel spectacular camera with Carl Zeiss Optics in Lumia 1020 was a big headline in 2013. Lumia 1520 was another massive flagship release in the same year. The Nokia Asha series made a name for casual smartphone users.

The Asha 501 would be one great example of this series. At the beginning of 2014, Nokia introduced “The Nokia X Family”, which were the first three Android devices from this brand. But then they sold their brand name to Microsoft. At the end of 2014, the brand Nokia officially became Microsoft Mobile, and they started to manufacture smartphones under the name “Microsoft Lumia”. But Windows phone wasn’t altogether as successful as both Nokia and Microsoft expected it to be. So, Microsoft resigned from the phone business in Bangladesh in 2016.

Revolutionary Come Back of Nokia

When the contract with Microsoft was finished in mid-2017, Nokia decided to move entirely to Android with their old branding and introduced Nokia 3, 5, and 6 along with a feature phone, Nokia 3310 (2017 version). The feature phone was a remake of their old classic Nokia 3310. With these phones, Nokia once again made a big impression and gained a significant amount of consumer interest.

In 2018, they got even better by introducing four new Android phones and a 4G feature phone at Mobile World Congress. Among them was the low-budget smart Nokia 1. It could genuinely give their identity back in the modern smartphone era. Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8110 (4G) have also been some significant announcements. With these devices and further releases, Nokia finally became a complete brand. The pricing, elegance, charm, durability, build quality, camera, performance, sound, and consumer interest are in harmony, again.

Present Status of Nokia Mobile in Bangladesh 

Nokia phones are distributed in Bangladesh through HMD Global. Nokia is again the most trustworthy name in the feature phone industry of Bangladesh, with successful releases like Nokia 3310 (2017), Nokia 105, Nokia 216, and so on. Their Low range of smartphones such as Nokia 1, Nokia 2, and Nokia 2.1 generated a good amount of sales.

Nokia is one of the most important names of the phone industry of Bangladesh, and they have got all the potential to become the leading brand. Their low-mid, mid and high-range phones are well-valued for their camera, performance, sound, and durability. As of 2021, we have some feature phones available from Nokia. No latest smartphones are being released from this brand in Bangladesh.

Why Should You Buy Nokia?

Buying Nokia phones is a money-worth option so far. Because above low pricing with lots of features and a Chinese brand. Nokia has a quality of build and trusted software. Let it be Xiaomi Vivo or oppo or any other Chinese company how are they able to provide such features and hardware which professional companies charge a lot for but we are assured that a few trusted brands like apple Samsung Nokia.

HMD Global is conveying its guarantees by extending the rollout of the Android 10 update to more gadgets. Nokia 6.2 is the most recent cell phone to get Android 10 alongside Android Security fix for March 2020. HMD Global has explained this is an arranged rollout, which implies a lot of clients will get the update before the remainder of the Nokia 6.2 clients. Past programming rollouts of Android 10 were done along these lines, wherein the principal wave nations would get the update first.

Final Words

So, you might have already learned a lot about the Nokia mobile so far. Now, get all the latest Nokia mobile price in Bangladesh and buy your desired one. I hope the above information will help you to make your purchase more effective. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nokia better than Samsung?

Nokia is better than Samsung at timely Android updates, a study says. Nokia-branded phones are getting updated to new versions of Android significantly faster than phones from Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, or any other major smartphone manufacturer.

Are Nokia smartphones worth it?

Nokia phones are still known for their durability and design. If you’re looking for something like that, Nokia phones are definitely worth the money.

Updates for Nokia Mobiles in Bangladesh

In, we always try to update our database with the latest releases and their prices as soon as possible. So, you can check all the latest Nokia mobile price in Bangladesh. You’ll be able to know about official and unofficial prices particularly. Be sure for the updated price, full specifications, reviews,s and Ratings from Oppo mobile phone brand.

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