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Chocolate Milk Jugs Frother Kitchen Whis

Chocolate Milk Jugs Frother Kitchen Whis

A chocolate milk jugs is perfect for any kitchen. It can also be used to froth milk as well as make hot chocolate, cappuccino, or whatever you want. Here are a few examples of how you can use this gadget:

1) Make hot chocolate with a mug.
2) Turn the frother into your coffee mug for an iced coffee in the summertime.
3) Use it to make a cappuccino by frothing your milk, adding it to the coffee mug, and topping it with a little foam.
4) Turn the frother into a kitchen whisk to whisk up your soups and stews.
5) Make homemade ice cream by putting 1/2 cup of heavy cream in the jug and then pour into your freezer bowl as if making ice cream. Then you can gradually pour warm milk over the top of this mixture, stirring as you go along. Froth up to 6 cups at once with this handy gadget!

Chocolate Milk Jug Features:

1) Pint or quart size (1/2 pint or 1 pint).

2) Measurements on side of the jug.

3) Can easily be used as a whisk when it is not attached to the handle.

4) Handle has a simple “press down” locking mechanism so it will not slide off.
The Chocolate Frother Jug is also available here:


Frothing the milk: When you are ready to froth your milk, just scoop some up and use the tip of your finger to push down on the handle away from you, making sure it locks into place (see photo above). Then, hold the frother still and move your hand around in a circular motion while holding it in one spot. This will spin the inside of the jug and froth your milk very easily. The non-dairy creamers come out even smoother.

NOTE: Each jug is made by hand, so there may be slight variations from one to another. If you have any questions about this product, just ask us! We will always try to make sure we are sending you what you are looking for.

Why did we recommend these milk jugs?

If you are looking for an easier way to make hot chocolate, this is the solution to your problems. During our research, we found that this device helped us get several things done at once. It is a kitchen tool that can be used to make hot chocolate, but also as a frothing device for milk, and egg mix-ins, or frothing up whipped cream for desserts or ice cream. This little gadget helped us think of many new and fun ways to cook and serve food.

Who is perfect for these milk jugs?

Anyone who likes to experiment with their cooking and baking will find this product extremely useful. It is also great for those who are looking for an easier way to make hot chocolate.

buying guide:

A chocolate milk jug is a perfect addition to any kitchen, and it can also be used to froth milk as well as make hot chocolate, cappuccino, or whatever you want. The container is made from high-quality stainless steel and has a capacity of 1/2 pint. The handle of the container is easy to clean and it comes with a safety lock mechanism which makes sure that this does not get misplaced easily. This container can also be used to store other liquids such as juices or condiments. It has measurements printed on it which can help you keep track of how much you have poured out of the jug so far. The handle is detachable so that you can use it as a whisk if necessary.

The Chocolate Frother Jug is also available here:

Conclusion: A frother milk jug is a useful gadget that can make your cooking or baking experience a lot easier. It comes with measurements so that you know how much water and milk you are using. You can also safely lock it with the lever so that it doesn’t accidentally fall off the counter while you are using it. This frother is versatile and can be used in many ways. The price is reasonable and the quality of this product is quite good. There are some little flaws in this product but they do not affect its usability in any way. Overall, we recommend this frother to everyone who wants an easy way to make hot chocolate as well as milk for other uses such as making cappuccino or espresso drinks.

Q: Does this jug have measurements on the side?
A: Yes, it does. They are in pint and quart sizes as well as milliliters.
Q: How hard is it to clean this item?
A: It’s very easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge. However, do not put this in your dishwasher because the letters will smear and make it difficult for you to read how much liquid is inside the container.
Q: Does the handle lock into place so that it does not slide off when you are using this product?
A: Yes, the handle locks into place when you press down on it, so that it does not fall out of your hands while you are using it.




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