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Symphony Mobile Price in Bangladesh

If we talk about the most popular Bangladeshi mobile brand, the name Symphony will come first in our mind. For the last 13 years, Symphony has been presenting many best-selling mobile phones with innovative features, classic design, flat performances, and, most importantly, excellent prices. Like most other symphony mobile fans, if you’re looking for the best Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh, then you’re in the right place. 

Symphony has become the most trusted mobile brand in Bangladesh due to the great combination of affordable price, decent build quality, useful features, and trusted customer service. Here we’re going to present an in-depth discussion about Symphony. So, read through all the to get another reliable option for your next mobile. 

A Brief History of Symphony Mobile Bangladesh

Symphony started its journey with only feature phones at a modest price after the establishment. Symphony is a brand of Edison Group that is proud to enjoy an indisputable leading position in the mobile handset industry. Within a short period of time, Symphony has emerged as the fastest-growing leading handset brand in Bangladesh. Pricing strategy, international quality build a strong network, and after-sales service have contributed to make Symphony mobile the preferred choice of the customers of Bangladesh.

Symphony is one of the most popular and leading mobile phone brands in Bangladesh. Symphony mobile is also available in some other Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and China. Nowadays, four people out of ten use Symphony mobile phone in Bangladesh because of its smooth, smart, and exclusive design; durability and longevity; powerful battery; lower price; high performance; sustainable and huge model for all types of people; customer care, user satisfaction, and many more special features.

In 2008 Android smartphones were not that popular in Bangladesh as mobile internet was running through a much slower GPRS connection. First-generation smartphone technology was exclusive to a few internationally recognized brands such as Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, and so on. 

Earlier Success 

Android Jelly Bean running Symphony Xplorer W68, released in 2013, was a massive success for Symphony. It gave Symphony an exclusive place in the phone industry. This affordable phone was finely designed and came with pretty impressive features for its time. No other brand offered such a finely balanced smartphone regarding design, features, performance, and price back then for the low-budget customers. 

Another reason is that the 3G network arrived at the end of October 2012 in Bangladesh, and the demanding market was lacking a fine quality low-cost 3G Android phone. So, it was kind of a kickstart for Symphony. After this, Symphony Xplorer ZV was released in December 2014, Xplorer ZVI released in July 2015, Symphony H150, Xplorer V80, W68Q, and W69Q were some other famous releases in the past from this brand.

Although Symphony is mostly known for its low-cost devices, they have presented a few gadgets under the Z series and P series for the slightly higher budget users. Symphony’s brand owner Edison Group started a new brand called “Helio” to meet the requirements of mid-range users. Helio phones are known for faster performance, trendy design, better camera, stronger battery backup, finer build quality, and body material.

Brand Positioning of Symphony

Brand positioning is all about creating a distinctive image in a consumer’s mind about a particular brand. Symphony mobile is also creating brand positioning by their product benefit. Their slogan is “New Experience,” and Symphony mobile is working to achieve its mission and vision by focusing on this tagline.

Vision is a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Symphony mobiles’ vision is to provide all kinds of features and attributes in their phone at a cheaper rate. In the mobile market, while all the mobile phone companies are offering their product at a higher price, Symphony mobile offering the same features, same benefits, same services, and satisfaction at a cheaper price rate.

Symphony’s brand positioning is all about promising customers to provide all expected benefits that they look for when buying smartphones at an affordable price range for all classes of people. Symphony believes that in this age of technology smartphone plays a vital role in making their lifestyle smarter and better and as most people of Bangladesh are not rich enough to buy expensive phones, Symphony is offering a solution to this.

Symphony is very popular with all types of people for its affordable price. Symphony analyzes the market and keeps the price of a single device within the range or ability of the customers. On the other hand, the other brand mobile phone company focuses on their brand value. However, in the case of your budget and demand, Symphony can be a great combination.

Why Should You Buy Symphony mobile?

Unlike other Local Smartphone brands, the brand symphony believes in one thing, which is empowering its users to do more. In order to ensure that the customers can do a bit more and go the extra mile, the brand Symphony provides Power Bank with its selected model. This Power Bank is a rechargeable and portable power utility that can be used to re-charge the Symphony Mobiles.

And, of course, the Battery Life of every Symphony mobile is beyond doubt. The brand provides high-quality batteries with every mobile with a 6-month warranty.

The things that have Symphony from others include

  •  Long-Lasting power
  • Power Banks
  •  Quality Battery (with Warranty)

Where to Buy Symphony Mobile in Bangladesh?

Symphony has many authorized showrooms in almost all districts of Bangladesh. You can easily buy Symphony mobile from their official showrooms. Besides, you can buy Symphony mobile online. However, we always recommend t purchase a product from the authorized showroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Symphony Mobile a Chinese company?

Yes, Symphony is a Bangladeshi company. Since its introduction at the end of 2008, the brand Symphony has emerged as the fastest-growing leading mobile handset brand in the Bangladesh market. 

What is unique about Symphony?

Symphony, a lengthy form of musical composition for orchestra, normally consisting of several large sections, or movements, at least one of which usually employs sonata form.


It is very true the brand Symphony started its operation a bit late, but still, its superior quality products and the ability to satisfy its customers has made it a strong brand within a short period of time. Symphony means the art of music. So, get the latest price of Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh to grab your favorite model. 

Updates for Symphony Mobiles in Bangladesh

In raigadget.com, we always try to update our database with the latest releases and their prices as soon as possible. So, you can check all the latest Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh. You’ll be able to know about official and unofficial prices particularly. Be sure for the updated price, full specifications, reviews,s and Ratings from Oppo mobile phone brand.

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